Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to Adam's Edge

This is my contribution to Digital Copy Room, where tech and tomfoolery come together.

Here are a few things for the kick off party...

Have you heard of FireSheep?  It's a FireFox extension that can be used to "hijack" someones wireless connection in order to obtain their login information for various web sites.  According to this article, Facebook and Twitter are 2 of the worst web sites that were tested.  Please be sure to secure your home wifi connection and be cautious when browsing while on public wifi.

To break up the seriousness:

Here is a public display of drunkenness.  He doesn't want to lose his buzz so he goes out for more beer.  Too bad for him the store is some kind of fun house.

Worst Shopping Run Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

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